Hey Mug Clubbers!

It’s been awhile but here we are! Hello! We can’t believe it is 2024.. and almost April even! One thing we are wanting to do better is to reach out and let our Mug Club members know what’s going on! Sammy, one of our managers and aces in the back, has stepped up and is helping keep us a bit more organized for our Mug Club and stay current with things. Cheers to that!

Since we last reached out, we have added a couple of great people to our management team. We’re sure you have seen Brent behind the bar slinging drinks, but he is also helping lead our social media and marketing! He has been extra busy putting together a 5k race in May that will benefit the Abused Adult Resource Center. We hope to see you there!

Also, new to our team is Devon! Devon has jumped into the catering side of things. He had worked, previously, for Grand Junction Grilled Subs for over 5 years and now joins the Sun crew full time! He has taken over as the lead of our Award winning catering crew so Jared can start focusing on other areas. If you haven’t met him yet, you will see him behind the bar serving up fresh Brews & BBQ too! Shout out to Jeremy who has split a bit from being locked away in the meat shack to working a couple of days of Brewery Sales in Bismarck. He’s been doing some sales work the last few weeks but is already a natural fit! If you know Jeremy, you know he can chat up anybody about anything!

What do we have coming up? First, we have another bottle release coming! Mug Club members will be able to snatch up a bottle (or 3) for an Early Release! (Also, Sunday only.. if you buy a bottle of Axe King we will also give members a free bottle of 19th Amendment!) We will have more bottle releases down the road. What do you want to see bottled up?
We are looking to have another busy summer with events, music & caterings! We are also working on the possibility of some bigger shows in our parking lot or at an offsite location. Mike is also putting together a LSB Golf Tournament on 9/28 in Washburn. Details to come but if your business is interested in sponsoring a hole let Mike know!


We are also inviting you to our next Mug Club Party on March 10th (4pm). We are very excited to get everyone together and enjoy some beers, laughs and great food! The Kitchen will be serving a special meal with Angus Beef Philly sandwiches and Jalapeno poppers!
Our 2024 gifts won’t be in yet but will get here by the next party! Our penciled in dates for the rest of the year for Mug Club parties will be May 19th, September 29th & December 15th. We have a few extra glasses and coolers from 2022 & 2023 that will be free to members on Sunday! Thanks so much for the love and support! We wouldn’t be able to be here without you. Thank you for giving us the chance to do what we love! Ideas/Thoughts/Concerns? Shoot us an email and let us know at [email protected]

-Laughing Sun Brewing Co. Family