Axe Throwing Lanes

Book our axe throwing lanes now! To book the lanes, click the button below.  For larger groups looking to book lanes/patio parties, email [email protected] ! ?

Upgrade your weapons package: Try the spears, ninja stars (easy to throw!), throwing cards, and tomahawks!  Throwers must be 18 years of age or older.

Using our new online booking app, you can check availability, reserve your lane(s), pay and submit the required waivers all ahead of time. We’ll see you at The Sun!

1 Lane – ONE HOUR
1 lane/target for 1 hour (1-4 ppl).

1 Lane – TWO HOURS
1 lane/target for 2 hours (1-4 ppl).


2 Lanes – ONE HOUR
2 lanes/targets for 1 hour (2-8 ppl).

2 Lanes – TWO HOURS



Q: How old do you need to be?
A: Due to insurance reasons guests need to be 18+ to be inside the lanes and use the weapons.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes! We, like other urban axe throwing venues, put the safety of our team and guests as a top priority. A member from our team will show you how to safely handle, throw and retrieve your axe! Biggest rule.. respect the weapons and don’t be dumb!

Q: Beer and Axes? That seems foolish!
A: As in all things moderation is key! We reserve the right to cancel or stop a guests reservation if they are intoxicated and a risk to themselves or others. Remember our biggest rule? Don’t be dumb!

Q: Can I eat food?
A: Of course! Our kitchen is ready to fill your bellies! We encourage you to eat before or after your reservation (weapons and sticky fingers aren’t always the best combo ?)

Q: What about weather?
A: Our patio is enclosed and has its own heater to keep it warm during the colder months! We are also adding garage doors to let in Fresh air to enjoy ND’s beautiful warm seasons!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear what your comfortable wearing! We do ask guests wear closed toe shoes but otherwise just be comfortable! 

Q: Can I change or cancel my reservation?
A: Yes! Give us 24 hour notice to cancel a reservation or to adjust your time/date!

Q: Can I rent out all 4 lanes for a party or work event?
A: Absolutely! You can reserve up to 1-4 lanes yourself but if you are looking to rent out our patio (or part of the patio) along with the lanes, please reach out to us at: [email protected]


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