The Beer

Feast Like a Sultan IPA

Our India Pale Ale takes it name from the exotic oils that might have been available to a Sultan of early trade routes.  Made from a combination of American 2-Row barley, Crystal and Munich malts, this IPA is well balanced with grapefruit and passion fruit citrus flavors and aromas.  American Ale yeast provides a clean background for the hops to stand out in this ale.
O.G. = 1.067     ABV = 7.2%    IBUs = 100+    SRM = 7

Sinister Pear

Our Belgian Golden Strong Ale takes it name from the light pear flavors imparted by the Belgian yeast esters and the sinister nature of these styles of ales. Easy drinking from  the Pilsener malt profile, this refreshing ale packs a punch with the additions of raw sugar to the boil kettle. A light hop flavor balances the alcohol, and melds perfectly with the pear flavors.

O.G. = 1.077     ABV = 8.5%     IBUs = 30     SRM = 3

Strawberry Wheat

An American-style wheat beer with a light crisp flavor and and an essence of strawberry. We use an American style wheat yeast with subdued flavor profiles, allowing light citrus aromas to emerge from the Centennial hops and even out the hint of strawberry flavor.
O.G. 1.047, ABV = 4.7%, IBUs = 25, SRM = 3

Whippin’ Post Pale Ale

We make this American Style Pale Ale with a combination of American 2-Row barley, Munich malt, light crystal malts, and wheat malt.  Light citrus hop aromas and flavors are present from the Centennial and Amarillo hops. The American Ale yeast leaves a crisp, clean malt profile with subtle citrus tones.
O.G. = 1.055    ABV = 5.5%    IBUs = 38    SRM = 6

Magic Fish Session IPA

This India pale ale packs huge grapefruit and tropical flavors in a sessionable style ale. Made from a combination of American 2-Row barley, Crystal and Vienna malts, this IPA has a light amber hue.  American Ale yeast provides a clean background for the Amarillo, Simcoe, and Galaxy hops to stand out.
O.G. = 1.050     ABV = 4.7%     IBUs = 100+     SRM = 5

McKinley Brown Ale

This mild brown ale takes its name from the late Kodiak bear “McKinley,” a Dakota Zoo favorite for 23 years. Our McKinley is a combination American brown ale and English-style brown ale. We use an American malt base to provide slight roast flavors, Summit hops for bittering, and English hops for aroma. Fermented with a London ESB yeast, this mild brown finishes smooth. A portion of the proceeds of this beer will be donated to the Dakota Zoo.

O.G. = 1.053 ABV = 5.0% IBUs = 32 SRM = 23

Black Shox Porter

This American Style Robust Porter has a complex roast flavor with chocolate and coffee overtones.  We make our porter with a combination of American 2-Row barley and a number of speciality malts, including chocolate malt, a variety of Crystal malts, and oats.  American Style yeast gives this beer a clean flavor profile, and allows the Cascade hops to balance the roast flavors of the more highly kilned malts.

O.G. = 1.064     ABV = 6.5%    IBUs = 55    SRM = 33

Hammerhead Red ESB

This Extra Special Bitter has a combination of both British and American malt and hops. Maris Otter, a British pale malt, imparts a slight bisquit-like flavor to this medium bodied, medium hopped, amber ale. Nuggett hops provide the bittering qualities, while Kent Goldings impart the flavors and finish.
O.G. = 1.054 ABV = 5.2% IBUs = 50 SRM = 12

New Minglewood Wheat

Our American Style Wheat is a beer with a light, crisp body, balanced by delicate flavors and aromas from the American-style yeast.  The pilsner and wheat malt combine for a light golden body with a touch of Vienna malt to add complexity to the finish.  American C-type hops provide subtle citrus flavors to the finish.

O.G. = 1.054     ABV = 5.2%     IBUs = 25     SRM = 3

DroppinCones Double IPA

This double IPA features intense citrus and tropical fruit notes from large doses of Mosaic, Citra, and Zythos hops. American 2-row barley, Crystal and Munich malts are supplemented with late kettle additions of raw cane sugar, delivering a dry finish to balance the higher alcohol levels. (13oz)

O.G. = 1.080 ABV = 9.5% IBUs = 100+ SRM = 6

Shallow Mud Rye Stout

Taking its name from an impromptu blues song, this stout has a complex malt profile featuring roast flavors balanced by caramel malts. Rye is used in small portions in the grain bill for added layers of flavor. Balanced by light additions of Nuggett and East Kent Golding hops, this stout maintains those light roast flavors and a touch of caramel sweetness.

O.G. = 1.064     ABV = 5.5%     IBUs = 35     SRM = 38

Lovely Rita Belgian Golden Rye

This Belgian pale ale uses Goldpils Vienna malt to provide a crisp, clean, malt profile, while rye malt provides a spiciness to this golden ale. New Zealand hops provide a slight floral finish to balance the slightly fruity ester profile of the yeast.
O.G. = 1.056     ABV = 5.5%     IBUs = 30     SRM = 3

Cosmic Owl Belgian Pale Ale

This Belgian pale ale uses goldpils Vienna malt to provide a crisp, clean, malt profile, with slight additions of caramel and Munich malts to round out the body. New Zealand hops provide a slight floral finish to balance the ester profile of the yeast.
O.G. = 1.052     ABV = 5.2%     IBUs = 30     SRM = 6

Black “Eye” PA (Available Seasonally)

Hard hitting, with a big citrus punch, this black IPA was created to honor our local roller derby teams. Midnight Wheat Malt is the star of this ale, imparting its dark colors with a combination of light roast flavor. Falconer’s Flight hops give this ale a big citrus flavor with mid to late, and dry hop additions. American yeast leaves this beer with a clean, crisp finish.

O.G. = 1.065     ABV = 6.7%     IBUs = 95     SRM = 23

Smoked Vanilla Porter (Available Seasonally)

This robust porter features light additions of Cherrywood smoked malt, while a touch of vanilla balances the complex roast flavors provided by the chocolate and dark crystal malts.
O.G. = 1.073      ABV= 7.7%         IBUs=35           SRM = 33

Irish Red Ale (Available Seasonally)

This malt forward ale has a dark amber hue from small additions of caramel and roasted barley malts complimenting it’s English base malt flavors. Light hop additions keep the focus of this Irish ale on the malt profile. Fermented at cooler temps with a British ale yeast, the esters are very mild and allow the characteristics of the malt to shine.

0.G. = 1.055     ABV = 5.0%     IBUs = 25     SRM = 18

Brown v. Gourd of Libations (Available Seasonally)

This seasonal brown ale desegregates traditional beer purity laws by combining generous portions of pumpkin and spices. A touch of roast flavor provides balance to the spice, while American Ale yeast gives this mild brown a clean finish.

O.G. = 1.054 ABV = 5.2% IBUs = 32 SRM = 23

19th Amendment Stout (Available Seasonally)

In honor of female craft beer supporters everywhere, we offer up this high gravity stout brewed with a combination of American 2-Row barley, chocolate malt, roast barley, and a variety of specialty malts. This beer balances roast flavors with late kettle additions of chocolate, chokecherries, and raw cane sugar to provide a complex malt profile.  Light hop additions of Nuggett and East Kent Golding hops, provide balance to this seasonal beer.
O.G. = 1.073               ABV= 7.5%     IBUs=35     SRM = 40

Bad Business 80/- Scottish Style Ale (Available Seasonally)

This beer was brewed with inspiration from our good friends at the Huff Hills Ski Area. A portion of the malt used for this beer was smoked in small batches at Fireflour pizza, lending a traditional complexity to this eighty shilling Scottish ale. Low in bitterness and a slightly sweet profile lets you appreciate the malt profile while still providing for a rounded and crisp finish.

O.G. = 1.055 ABV = 5.0% IBUs = 18 SRM = 18

Java Black Ale (Available Seasonally)

This collaboration ale features cold-pressed Dogwood coffee made by Fire Flour Pizza.  Light additions of Briess Midnight Wheat malt give this ale a dark hue, while imparting only slight roast flavors, allowing the cold-pressed coffee to shine. Light additions of Nuggett and East Kent Golding hops balance the malt and roast flavors.

O.G. = 1.055 ABV = 5.2% IBUs = 30 SRM = 28

War Pony Amber Rye Ale (Available Seasonally)

We make this American Style Amber Ale with a combination of American 2-Row barley, Munich malt, crystal malts, and a generous portion of rye.  Warrior hops provide the bittering flavors, while late kettle additions of Zythos hops round out the flavor profiles.  The namesake of this beer is the legendary War Pony, a spirit figurine to have on your side during all-in poker hands.
O.G. = 1.057     ABV = 5.9%     IBUs = 70     SRM = 12




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