Brewhouse & Pub

Our brewhouse and pub occupy 1500 square feet in the historic Laskin Building in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota. Approximately a quarter of the space is devoted to the brewhouse, which is behind glass as you enter through the doors on 5th Street.

  • The brewing process starts in our Specific Mechanical Systems 3.5 bbl mash kettle where the malted grain is mixed with hot water delivered by two Navien on-demand water heaters capable of delivering 165F water at a rate of 6-7 gallons per minute.
  • After an hour of mashing, the liquid portion of the mash, called wort, is transferred to the boil kettle. Sparge water is delivered by the on-demand system to rinse remaining sugars from the grain. We use a 90-minute boil process with hops additions that vary according to style.
  • The hopped wort is then transferred to the fermentation tanks through a heat exchanger at approximately 70F, again depending on style. The brewhouse currently has two 3.5 bbl and two 7 bbl fermentation tanks. Fermentation lasts between 7-10 days and may vary more depending on style. Temperature is regulated by a Cornelius glycol chiller that circulates a glycol solution through the jacketed tanks. After terminal gravity is reached, the beer is transferred to a bright tank, where it is conditioned and carbonated.
  • The final step is kegging. For cost purposes, and the size restraints of our space, we serve our beer from converted Hoff-Stevens kegs.

Our pub seats 65 people and features a concrete bar custom-made locally for Laughing Sun Brewing Company. Some of the bench seating is made from pews we found at a local church. Our taps are mounted directly through the walk-in cooler wall (no stale beer from long tap lines) through a state-of-the-art Micromatic tap system.

The stage at the back of the room provides a sound system custom-designed for the pub and is occupied each Wednesday and Saturday by local artists with original material.  Check the “Music” button at the top of our home page for the music schedule.

The south wall of the pub displays the work of  a different local artists every three months. At least one night during each 3-month residency, we ask the artist to come down, discuss the work, and make it available for sale to the public.

Hours of Operation - Mon - Thurs: 4p - midnight     Fri - Sat: 2p - midnight   Sunday: 2pm-10pm